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why is pain? i mean why is it called pain? why is anything called anything? who thought of this word? who thought that part of growing process was getting your wisdom teeth taken out was good; or your appendix bursting!?!?!that's not good!!!! and it hurts like mad!!!!
heh!!! wow, i haven't had time to do this!!! hell, i've barely had time to read fanfic, let alone actually update this thing!!! well, new year and all i might as well!! life's been pretty boring. work, class, sleep, home work, sleep, and work all over again!! i liked that schedule, it was nice and i could mix and match all i wanted to, but then.... the school cancels my english, puts me in a new one which is directly between my works hours, then my job decides that they'll call me wh they want me to work, which means i don't when or if i'll work, and to top it off i got a damn cold of what ever the hell!!! and colorado ain't makin me any better!!!damn, it been a crazy as couple of weeks!!!! well, hopefully, next week is February and it'll get better!!


hehehe, i haven't updated in forever!! well, let's see.... I'M MOVING!! yah!!! UNCO here i come , ileave in a month!! ahhh, and my aunt is giving me a laptop, which is sO freakin awesome!!!!
ahhh, i'm tired!! we had acar wash and i'm beat!! we made $450!!! that's the most we've ever made at a car wash!! damn, tho i really freakin tired!!! i can't even go to sleep cuz my parents got me babysitting!! ahh they suck, they went to church and didn't tkae the three stoges!! it sucks!!! i want a massage, any volunteers??

what is said about me...

i saw this on a friend's page and thought why not, let's see it they think and surprisingly enough this thing was freakingly accurate...

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well it's official, hatisayouth is mean!!lol (j/k) she writes the crazy good story and then breaks our heart and the end of a chapter!!! the least she could do is atleast have richard get killed off or something because none of us can stand the guy....i think he needs to put in rikers and spend a week with those sleazy clients he helped... yeah that sounds good. sorry just ranting, just read " A woman Undone" and i feel the need to say" KILL THE DUM BASTARD RICHARD!!!!!!!" woah i'm so glad i got that off my chest.


wow this is a first twice in a month im shocked!!! well it's official. i need a job. my parent won't pay for my haircut so im stuck with shaggy do r us until i can get a job. does anybody someone willing to hire a 17 yr old with no experience and has to be in walking didtance of my house?

ps if anybody know the song 'everything gonna be alright, rockabye " please let me know who sings it...

im outta here

i'm so glad im getting the hell outta here!!! i got accepted at the university of northern coloardo!!! im so excited because like i said im getting outta here. no more babysitting for nothing. no more feelin like shit, no more goin the hell and high water just so my parents won't find out that im gay... it feels great to that im gettin outta here. criminal justice here i come.!!!!


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